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Non-profit organization whose mission is to help Kharkiv residents and residents of the Kharkiv region affected by military aggression. We try to provide the victims with everything they need - medicine, food, baby food, clothes, etc.

The Kharkiv Volunteer Union helps:

  • to veterans of the Armed Forces of Ukraine;

  • residents of de-occupied territories and settlements close to the war zone;

  • to patients of hospitals, polyclinics and hospitals based on requests.




You can find out more about the Kharkiv Volunteer Union, read the letter of gratitude from the mayor of Kharkiv addressed to us, and watch the story of the NEWSMAX TV channel from the USA about this link.

Our organization participated in the project "Promoting the stability of Ukrainian civil society", the duration of which is from 10/20/2022 to 03/20/2023, with the financial support of the Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation German Marshall Fund of the United States, Bucharest, Romania.

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