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Non-profit organization whose mission is to help Kharkiv residents and residents of the Kharkiv region affected by military aggression. We try to provide the victims with everything they need - medicine, food, baby food, clothes, etc.

More than 800 volunteers work in the Kharkiv Volunteer Union. Many of them have more than 10 years of international work experience.

We receive and process more than 1000 orders every day.

Humanitarian aid comes from Western Ukraine and Poland.

In the Charitable Organization "Charitable Fund "Kharkov Union of Volunteers" for volunteers, public and charitable organizations, international funds, for entrepreneurs, businessmen, commercial organizations, for citizens, individuals, the population, for foreign volunteers or persons from among foreigners in the Kharkiv Volunteer Union the following conditions and opportunities are provided:

For volunteers of the Kharkiv Volunteer Union:

  • the opportunity to officially help the Defenders, the population in need during the martial law in Ukraine;

  • issuance of license plates of volunteers with a photo of the volunteer, stickers on cars;

  • obtaining information about available humanitarian goods in the warehouse of the Kharkiv Volunteers' Union and the possibility of handing them over to those in need;

  • taking part in humanitarian convoys and issuing charitable aid initiated by the Kharkiv Volunteers' Union;

  • participation in fairs and other charity events of the Kharkiv Volunteers Union;

  • the possibility to use the trucks of the Foundation for receiving, delivering or transporting charitable aid;

  • the possibility of receiving fuel for the delivery of aid to the needy upon request at the SVH;

  • the opportunity to initiate appeals of the Kharkiv Volunteers Union to other organizations for charitable assistance;

  • the opportunity to be an authorized representative of the Kharkiv Volunteers' Union when receiving assistance;

  • the possibility of delivering humanitarian aid from abroad;

  • the opportunity to use the benefits of New Mail for the Kharkiv Volunteers' Union regarding the free delivery of charitable goods;

  • an opportunity for an annual free medical preventive examination.

  • the possibility to initiate the registration of thanks for businesses and persons who promote and help volunteer activities;

  • the possibility of receiving compensation for the repair of a car involved in the delivery of assistance by the SVH;

  • the opportunity to show their activities and express gratitude for help on the official channels and social networks of the Kharkiv Union of Volunteers;

  • have the right to participate in the projects of the Union of Volunteers of Kharkiv;

  • have the primary right to conclude a memorandum on partnership cooperation with the Kharkiv Volunteers' Union, in case of creation and organization of their own charitable or public organization;

  • have the right to recommend candidates for volunteers of the SVH;

  • have the right to recommend funds and organizations for cooperation with the Kharkiv Volunteers Union and to conclude cooperation memoranda;

  • have the right to recommend foreigners who wish to help Ukrainians to participate in charity events and volunteer activities on the territory of Kharkiv and Kharkiv region;

  • have the right to recommend representatives of national and international mass media for cooperation.

For foundations, public and charitable organizations:

  • the possibility of transferring funds to SVH in any currency with the purpose of charitable use at your discretion or for a specific purpose;

  • the possibility of transfer to the Kharkiv Volunteers' Union according to the act of acceptance and transfer of the charitable cargo available to you;

  • receiving photo-video reports of distribution or delivery to those in need of assistance with the logo or name of your organization that provided assistance;

  • the possibility of distribution of help by our volunteers according to your lists and on your behalf;

  • help you with trucks of the Kharkiv Volunteer Union - up to 3 tons, 5 tons, 10 tons, 20 tons for delivery and transportation of charity cargo in the Kharkiv region;

  • reliable information about real needs in Kharkiv and the Kharkiv region;

  • we accompany your volunteers or humanitarian convoys around Kharkiv and Kharkiv region to the final recipients of aid (hospitals, polyclinics, rescuers, communities, administrations, educational institutions, etc.);

  • we conduct inspection and familiarization tours for you with the opportunity to see the real consequences of the war in the Kharkiv region, to see museum collections of evidence of the war and trophy achievements of the defenders of Ukraine;

  • We thank you for your cooperation and help, souvenirs from the Kharkiv Volunteer Union, military souvenirs;

  • assistance with logistics and temporary accommodation in Kharkiv and Kharkiv region;

  • we conclude memorandums of cooperation.


For entrepreneurs, businessmen, commercial organizations:

  • the opportunity to advertise your brand, organization and product through charity:

  • provision of financial support to the account of the Kharkiv Volunteers' Union according to the contract or directly according to the details (link to the page with the details);

  • Provision of one's products (goods, services) as a charitable donation for transfer to the needy in Kharkiv and Kharkiv region;

  • the ability to reduce the tax burden thanks to charitable spending;

  • donation of goods with a limited shelf life to charity. It happens that the products will not have time to be sold before the expiration date, or the organization of sale is not economically feasible, then it is better to donate it to charity and save on taxes;

  • we report on spending of funds from individuals, entrepreneurs, organizations that provided them;

  • we transfer your products received as a charitable donation, upon agreement with you, to military units, the population, hospitals, children, the disabled, etc.;

  • we report with photo-video materials, accounting documents, about the transfer of assistance from you or at your expense to the needy, indicating your brand and the name of the enterprise.


For citizens, individuals, population:

  • the opportunity to help the military, to participate in charity by making charitable donations to the account of the Kharkiv Volunteers Union at the link

  • the possibility of donating clothes, appliances (refrigerators, washing machines, kettles, microwaves, hair dryers, irons, lanterns, TVs...), dishes, furniture, building materials, hygiene...;

  • the possibility to order the arrival of volunteers with a truck for the removal of machinery, furniture, equipment and construction materials donated to charity;

  • the opportunity to receive personal thanks for active support of volunteering and charity in Kharkiv region;

  • the opportunity to ask to indicate your full name in the text under the photo-video report of the transfer of charitable aid to the Kharkiv Volunteers Union, Defenders, Rescuers....

For foreign volunteers or persons from among foreigners who wish to participate in charity work in Ukraine, in Kharkiv and Kharkiv region:

  • the possibility of official registration of volunteer activities for foreign citizens in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine;

  • ensuring the possibility of active participation in volunteer and charity events in Kharkiv and Kharkiv region in support of the Ukrainian people;

  • assistance with temporary accommodation and accommodation for the period of interaction with volunteers of the Kharkiv Volunteers Union;

  • giving consent to the possibility of importing humanitarian aid to Ukraine for its distribution through the Kharkiv Volunteer Union.

For journalists:

  • Organization of interesting stories, excursions, interviews;

  • escort in dangerous directions (in the presence of relevant permission documents);

  • conducting excursions;

  • assistance with temporary accommodation for the period of the business trip;

  • an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the video archive of the Kharkiv Volunteer Union from the beginning of the war.

Letter of thanks from the mayor of Kharkiv
Terekhov Igor Alexandrovich

Отримали подяку від Харківського міського голови Ігоря Терехова!

Correspondents from the United States covered the work
Kharkiv Volunteers Union Charitable Foundation

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